SurFedAUT Project


European Safety Framework in surf therapy for Autism


Safety does not happen by accident!”

Surf therapy is expanding as an offer from specialized centers, but also by surf schools and clubs throughout Europe.

To be effective and deliver maximized benefits to both neurodiverse children and youngsters, their families, surf workers, health workers, there is a need for an overall safety framework that targets workers, participants and their families.

SURFedAUT has the collaboration of different European entities, research, sport specialized in therapeutic surfing.Meet the team, click on the Logo to get to know us.

Project Specific Objectives

Objetive 1

Create a European Safety Framework for the inclusion of children on the autism spectrum in surf therapy programs (ESFA) targeting surf organizations that are providing surf therapy initiatives.

Objetive 2

Building the capacities of the key professional figures, sport workers, volunteers and
families involved in surf therapy programs, including skills about environmental education.

Objetive 3

Test and assess the benefits of increased safety and sustainability in surf therapy on neurodiverse children and young people by implementing a 5-days pilot surf therapy program in four European countries.

Objetive 4

Raise awareness about the ESFA among external stakeholders and increase the sustainability of surf therapy.

About Us

SurFedAUT project will increase the sustainability and safety of surf therapy programs to maximize the benefits of surf therapy on neurodiverse children and young people. We will build and train sport workers on the European Safety Framework for inclusive and healthy surf environments for AUTism (ESFA).

Who does the ESFA target?

The ESFA will respond to the specific needs of all target groups involved in surf therapy:

– Children and young people the autism spectrum
– Families and caregivers
– Health workers specialized to work with autism
– Surf schools
– Surf instructors
– Volunteers
– Public institutions
– Research institutions










What is the ESFA?

European Safety Framework for inclusive and healthy surf environments for AUTism

The framework will enable not only organizations working specifically with surf therapy, but also surf schools and surf clubs in the delivery of safe and effective surf therapy services targeting neurodiverse children and young people thanks to protocols for risk reduction and to specific training.

The ESFA builds on the following pillars:
1. Adaptability of methodologies for neurodiversity
2. Organizational structure of surf therapy programs
3. Occupational safety in therapeutical surfing
4. Environmental health of the oceans and coastal ecosystems where the surf therapy takes place.

Work Packages


Framework for risk prevention in adaptive surfing for autism.



Capacity building for surf trainers, therapists, volunteers and parents.



Pilot implementation and evaluation.



Organizaciones y entidades colaboradoras

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